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Bushcare update: NPWS releases micro-stories on rare Blue Mountains cliff plants, bush rock retention

By 08/10/2018October 12th, 2018No Comments

Many of our members work in bush care, in collaboration with local councils and NPWS. Now NPWS together with the OEH has released a micro-series of short films detailing the rare cliff flora of the Blue Mountains, and the need to conserve bush rock.

Working in the stunning and serene landscapes allows us to connect with nature and appreciate the larger – and the smaller details – in the landscape. Members in the Blue Mountains region are lucky to live in close proximity to some exceptionally rare plants, and some amazing floral species that live on cliffs! To raise awareness of these unique flora, NPWS and the Office of Environment and Heritage have released short, engaging and educational videos on plants in the Blue Mountains. You can watch these micro-stories via the NPWS Facebook pageΒ here, here and here.

But have you also considered the role rocks play in the landscape? Beyond (big!) boulders, little bush rocks provide habitat for plants, moss, lichen, habitat for small vertebrates and insects, and are an essential part of retaining soil and landscape stability. Which is why we need to conserve bush rocks, not in our gardens, but where they lie – in the natural landscape.Β To help promote this message, NPWS has released short, educational and engaging films about the importance of retaining bush rocks. You can watch it here.

Mount Banks sunset, Blue Mountains, NSW.

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