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Collaborative bush care – The Gully gets together in Katoomba

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Constructing a coir wall as part of a future wetland vision. (Credit: Bella Smith, 2018).

The Gully is an inspiring bushland reserve bringing together the local mountains community, Indigenous Elders and traditional owners, professional bush regenerators, seasoned volunteers and enthusiastic first-timers. On Sunday, December the 2nd, 2018 GSLN was lucky enough to visit their annual end-of-year get together, and witness the amazing, transformative change that occurs when a diverse community of volunteers gets together for Bushcare.

A good morning tea is always a drawcard to Landcare and Bushcare events! (Credit: Bella Smith, 2018).

The enthusiastic Bushcarers working in The Gully care for county as part of the Upper Gedumba Catchment Katoomba.  Award-winning Garguree Swampcare have restored the lower swampland and bushland, and together with local Bushcarers, Bushcare Blue Mountains, Bush Doctor, and officers from the Blue Mountains City Council, the group is now focusing on upstream slope vegetation restoration and wetland creation. The event provided an opportunity for local (and more far flung!) visitors to meet, network and catch up, and bolster the working strength of the small working group. The social aspect of Bushcare, and wonderful morning teas are always a draw card too!

David King from Garguree Swampcare and… (Credit: Bella Smith, 2018).

David King provided a welcome to country, generously sharing his family connection to The Gully, before Jane Anderson, bush care officer from Blue Mountains City Council provided the safety briefing, vision for the site and a rotating roster of activities. The group divided up for weeding, constructing, wheelbarrowing, drilling and painting.

The littlest Bushcarers enthusiastically tackled mulch spreading for the path with gusto too! Cups of tea, beautifully cooked snacks and cakes, together with friendly company complimented the Sunday gathering.


… Jane Anderson from Blue Mountains City Council (Credit: Bella Smith, 2018).

By lunch time, the 30-strong group from professionals and seasoned volunteers, to firs-timers had achieved the following:
-Enthusiastic drilling into holly bush along the upper slopes of the Gully, as part of a gentle weeding effort whilst retaining small bird habitat
– Construction of coir banks, and securing of coir logs to slow down overland rain flows and generate swampy habitat
-Weeding of smaller bramble-like woody weeds
– Construction of winding mulch path through the site

Constructing and spreading the mulch path. (Credit: Bella Smith, 2018).

If you’re interested in volunteering at The Gully, you can follow Garguree Swampcare here and contact Blue Mountains Bushcare officer Jane here.


Do you have a Landcare or Bushcare story you’d like to share? Email us here and share your story to the wider GSLN audience!

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