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Community Landcare Grants

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Grants of $10,000 – $50,000 are available for community groups, including Landcare, Bushcare and other ‘care’ groups and landholders in the Greater Sydney region.

Eligible projects

Projects must align with only one of the following Strategic Objectives developed for the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme:

    • Objective 1: Projects that aim to maintain and improve ecosystem services through sustainable management of local and regional landscapes.

Activities funded may include weed and pest control, bush regeneration, soil conservation activities, fencing, plant propagation and revegetation, actions that protect threatened species, development of management plans, community participation and engagement activities and training that contribute to the protection and restoration of ecosystem function, resilience and biodiversity.

    • Objective 2: Projects that aim to increase the long term returns of farmers and fishers through sustainable farm practices and / or better management of the natural resource base.

Activities funded may include projects that increase soil carbon, reduce greenhouse gas emissions or conserve and protect biological diversity on the farm.

    • Objective 3:  Projects that aim to build community awareness, participation, skills and knowledge in caring for their environment, including Aboriginal knowledge and participation.

Activities funded may include the delivery of workshops, training courses, awareness raising events, booklets, signage, media and other activities designed to build awareness, improve skills and knowledge and/or promote the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity.

    • Objective 4: Projects that aim to protect and manage ‘Matters of National Environmental Significance’ in the Greater Sydney region.

Activities funded may include strategic weed and pest control, bush regeneration, erosion management, fencing, revegetation, conservation actions for threatened species and community participation and engagement activities designed to protect, conserve and manage nationally and internally significant species, ecological communities, places and values in the Greater Sydney region. For information on Matters of National Environment Significance in the Greater Sydney region please check the Australian Government’s list of what is protected under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act 1999.

Download the EOI application and guidelines

  • Read the guidelines carefully before completing the online Expression of Interest form.
  • Check out the example form to assist you with the information required for the online Expression of Interest form.
  • Complete the online form. Please note this form doesn’t allow you to save and resume part way through and so it is advised you be prepared to complete the entire form in one sitting.
  • Make sure you complete the Project Plan and Budget template and attach to your online form.

If you are having trouble accessing the online form via the internet please contact your nearest Greater Sydney LLS office.

Greater Sydney Community Landcare Grants is supported through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

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