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At the 2022 National Tree Day for City of Parramatta a Friends of Toongabbie Creek's display featured wings made of discarded plastic found in the waterway.

Community Partners

Community partnerships are essential to the work we do as they allow us to effectively engage with and support the local community in achieving its environmental goals.

By partnering with local community groups, we are able to leverage the skills, knowledge, and resources of these groups to achieve better environmental outcomes across the region. Community partnerships also help to build awareness and support for our mission, which can ultimately lead to greater engagement and participation from the wider community.

Community partnerships can also help to identify local environmental issues and priorities, which can inform the development of more targeted and effective programs and initiatives.

These partnerships are critical to the success of achieving our vision of a sustainable, healthy, and resilient environment for Greater Sydney.

If you’re a community group and want to partner with us, email

Thanks to our current Community Partners
Landcare NSW
Intrepid Landcare
Conservation Volunteers Australia
Firesticks Alliance
Mudcrabs logo
The Mudcrabs
Planting Seeds.
Fix It Sisters Shed.
Fix It Sisters Shed
Oatley Flora and Fauna Conservation Society
Plus all Landcare and Bushcare Groups in Greater Sydney
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