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Tubestock ready for planting with Creating Canopies

The keys to resilience in the environment and in our society are connectivity and diversity. Greater Sydney Landcare seeks to build resilience through knowledge sharing, active engagement and a series of important programs that support the health of our waterways and landscapes. These include Streamwatch, Saving our Species, Creating Canopies, Get your Hands Dirty and support for Local Landcare initiatives.

Greater Sydney Landcare, through its Creating Canopies program can help with all aspects of planning for a tree planting event – if you register with us. We source the right trees with local provenance, so that the trees are also resilient. Trees planted as tube stock, again delivering ‘resilience’, this time to project sites – as the tubestock adapts to their local microclimate by growing from a young age in the setting they will end up being trees in (compared to a nursery or greenhouse which could provide artificial conditions). 

The benefits of being a registered Landcare group include:

·      Public liability insurance up to $20 million for bush care activities for $40 pa

·      Access to the GSLN’s extensive support network, including bush care workers

·      Promotion of your planting as an integrated site, community garden and urban forest within the broader bush care community

·      Recognition in the environmental sector as a productive site of sustainability and climate action.

Partnering with Landcare ultimately provides expertise, advice and resources to landowners. It supports the delivery of local solutions and provides additional support via the volunteer effort that is sometimes required. Landcare takes a long-term sustainable approach to all land and environmental management be it an urban bushland setting, on farming land or public land held by Councils and other public entities. Landcare brings confidence and insurance appropriate to each site. Within, Greater Sydney Landcare has a focus on youth and young adult education and engagement.

For more information email Creating Canopies on the following email… or for general Greater Sydney Landcare enquiries

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