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Sydney's plant life is incredibly important to the health and wellbeing of all who live in the region. Flora is essential for supporting life on Earth and maintaining the health and functioning of ecosystems.

Pillar Significance

Greater Sydney Landcare (GSL) helps Sydney’s flora in several ways, including:


Habitat Restoration

GSL supports individuals, groups, and organizations in their efforts to restore natural habitats for native flora. This includes removing invasive species, planting native vegetation, and managing the land sustainably.

Creating Canopies Project

This project provides free trees to communities across Greater Sydney to increase the urban tree canopy and provide habitat for native flora and fauna.

Streamwatch Program

The Streamwatch program monitors the health of local waterways, which is important for maintaining healthy flora communities. By monitoring water quality and identifying issues, Streamwatch helps protect and restore aquatic habitats.

Advocacy and Representation

As a regional umbrella organization for landcare, bushcare, and other care groups and individuals in Greater Sydney, GSL represents members’ interests at the state and national level. This includes advocating for policies and funding that support the protection and restoration of flora and other natural resources.

Training and Education

GSL provides free or subsidized training to members on topics such as plant identification, bush regeneration, and habitat restoration. This helps members build their skills and knowledge to better care for flora in their local environments.
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