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Government Partners

We depend on our Government Partnerships to achieve our environmental goals and are grateful for the ongoing relationships.

Government partnerships are very important to the work we do. They allow us to:

  1. Access to funding: Government partnerships can provide access to funding that can help to support Landcare’s conservation and sustainability initiatives. Government agencies often have funding programs that are specifically designed to support environmental initiatives, and partnering with these agencies can help to secure this funding.
  2. Alignment with policy goals: Government partnerships can help to ensure that Landcare’s initiatives are aligned with broader policy goals and objectives related to environmental conservation and sustainability. This can help to ensure that Landcare’s work is contributing to larger-scale efforts to protect the environment and promote sustainability.
  3. Collaboration and coordination: Government partnerships can facilitate collaboration and coordination among different stakeholders, including other community groups, educators, and corporations. This can lead to more integrated and impactful approaches to environmental conservation and sustainability.
  4. Access to expertise: Government agencies often have staff with specialised expertise in areas related to environmental conservation and sustainability. Partnering with these agencies can provide access to this expertise, which can help to enhance the effectiveness and impact of Landcare’s initiatives.

Overall, government partnerships are a critical component of our efforts to promote environmental conservation and sustainability. These partnerships provide access to funding, align Landcare’s work with broader policy goals, facilitate collaboration and coordination, and provide access to specialised expertise.

The NSW Government through DPE provide funds for projects such as Creating Canopies. The Southwest Sydney Koala Project is made possible through the joint efforts of Camden, Wollondilly and Campbelltown City Councils and is funded by the NSW Government. Our Local Landcare Coordinators are employed through generous grant monies paid to Landcare NSW. These partnerships make possible what we do.

If you work for a government agency and want to partner with us, email

Some of our Government Partners
NSW Government*
National Parks & Wildlife Service
Hawkesbury City Council
Wollondilly Shire Council
Local Land Services
Bayside City Council
Liverpool City Council
Cumberland City Council
The Australian Government
Blacktown City Council
Campbelltown City Council
City of Parramatta
*Including Greater Sydney Local Land Services, NSW Environmental Trust and Department of Planning, Industry & Environment.
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