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GSLN Biodiversity and Land Management Law Reforms Forum

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Over 50 people from all over the Greater Sydney area attended the forum organised by Landcare NSW and the Greater Sydney Landcare Network.

The forum offered community perspectives on the 2016 legislative reforms and, how they might impact upon the conservation works that were happening in numerous environmental fields across Sydney. Expert panel speakers also presented on the reforms and then answered questions from the floor from audience members with specific questions.

All in all the day went well and there were many forms submitted with feedback to be sent on the the Government as part of the submissions process. Thanks to all of those involved and the Environment Trust, who sponsored the event.

Dr Neil Perry WSU article on Biodiversity Law Reforms

Powerpoint presentation

EDONSW Powerpoint Greater Sydney Landcare Law Reforms Forum

Read more about this event at our profile on the Landcare NSW Gateway.



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