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GSLN’s Bushcare Support Program helps Mitchell Park and Scheyville National Park

CVA leader, Tom Cavell demonstrating how to treat Cats Claw Creeper in Mitchel Park (above). Jess, Anik and Annabelle showcasing their hard work treating CCC.

18 volunteers got into the weeds at Mitchell Park, Cattai on the weekend of 13th May. Once a recreational area, but part of Cattai National Park for some years now, Mitchell Park is a recovering tall forest with grassy understorey. The Cabbage Gums (Eucalyptus amplifolia) are magnificent, being so close to Cattai Creek. Some of them would be hundreds of years old. Old Paper Barks also remain in stands with the Cabbage Gums.

Volunteers treated Cats Claw Creeper, Mother of Millions, Lantana, Moth Vine and more. They were treated to an afternoon bird walk and talk with Keith Brandwood, from the Cumberland Bird Observers. After a lovely dinner and a rest by the fire, the group went spotlighting. Undoubtedly, the tall trees didn’t disappoint, being fantastic habitat for the threatened Yellow bellied Glider. Other possums were also seen, including a Sugar Glider, Ring tail, Brush tail and more Yellow bellies. It was also a sight to behold, when some of the group saw a Yellow belly gliding through the air.

On the morning of Sunday, May 14th, the group left Mitchell Park to tackle African Olive at Scheyville National Park. The critically endangered ecological community Cumberland Plain Woodland (CPW), is interwoven with the African Olive and 14 volunteers put in some hard work to get some well established trees controlled. This work was supplemented by a walk and talk with Ecologist Clive Barker, who informally educated the group on the smaller natives found in CPW, the valuable habitat left in the Park, signs of stress including the Grey Box lerp and even a Cumberland Land Snail – another threatened species found in the Park.

All Support Programs include bush regeneration in sites needing additional help. Informal training and interesting environmental activities are also included. Activities happen monthly, with overnight trips every three months. All events are family friendly, are fully catered and have transport available.

Want to get involved? June 17 is at Wianamatta Regional Park (the old ADI site) – come along – learn, help and support…

For more information contact Local Landcare Coordinator, Xuela Sledge 02 4724 2146 or

The Cumberland Plain Landcare and Bushcare Support Program is an initiative of the Greater Sydney Landcare Network, is supported by the Greater Sydney Local Land Services, and has financial assistance from the Federal Government.

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