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Over the last 12 months the Southwest Sydney Koala Project has been collating data of koala sightings from landholders across the Campbelltown local government area.

Sightings are obtained by direct observation or via wildlife cameras strategically placed in close proximity to preferred koala trees, such as Eucalyptus punctata.

We have recorded approximately 23 koala sightings mainly from Minto Heights and Wedderburn areas, dating back from March 2023 and are anticipating more to come.

Amazing Wildlife Camera Footage

We have collected plenty of footage, not only of koalas, but also of possums, swamp wallabies, kangaroos and a range of insects, demonstrating what a diverse region southwest Sydney is and how lucky we are to have such great habitat capable of supporting many species.

Our most exciting koala sighting was in Wedderburn in early December 2023, where we were able to capture footage of a female koala climbing a tree with a joey on her back. They have frequented this spot many times over the last month and we were fortunate enough to see and photograph them in person too!

Free Wildlife Cameras for Koala Habitat Landowners

We will continue to add more wildlife cameras on more properties throughout 2024 and hopefully capture more valuable footage of these beautiful native animals.

If you’re in Campbelltown or Appin/Wilton, we’ve secured funding to provide wildlife cameras for your property to allow you to detect and spot koala activity right in your backyard.

Get Involved in the Southwest Sydney Koala Project

If you’d like to get involved in some koala citizen science with us, please get in contact:

To see more of our koala footage, follow us on our Instagram page @swskoalaproject.

If you’re a landowner in Campbelltown or Appin/Wilton or have seen a Koala on your land, you can Register Your Land for Koala Conservation.

Koala in Wollondilly. Photo: DPE Sarah Pulling.

About the Southwest Sydney Koala Project

Greater Sydney Landcare received funding from the NSW Government to help deliver the NSW Koala Strategy across the Campbelltown and Appin/Wilton areas.

The Southwest Sydney Koala Project includes conservation efforts such as encouraging connectivity with corridor plantings that include preferred koala food trees on private and public property. Numerous other conservation actions will be carried out in this partnership program between July 2022 and June 2026, including road kill mitigation, wildlife carer support, community engagement and awareness raising and education.

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