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Highlights, insights and keeping our network updated throughout the conference at the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence, Redfern.

18 March 2019 1:30pm
Welcome to our live posting of the 2019 Conference!

And we’re live! We’ll be posting from the Local Landcare Coordinators state gathering at The National Centre of Indigenous Excellence. Expect governance, LLCI expansion and Landcare/Bushcare/’caring’ announcements and updates, and exciting news for supporting our volunteers, members and NRM community.


18 March 2019 3:00pm

The incredible Bruce Pascoe discussing Indigenous cultivation of native grasses, caring for the land and future directions of Landcare and Indigenous collaboration.

On addressing the awareness (or lack of) Indigenous agricultural practices: “We’re starting to look at the old history of this place, 120,000 years [of Indigenous archaeology in] Australia and how there is so much coming out now. We’ll be teaching our kids about this in 10 years time.”

On Landcare helping to heal the landscape: “Realise as a nation, bashing the hell out of the soil… taking every tree out of the gully and having enormous erosion [on the creeks]. Landcare came in… and people were going into the Creeks of Apollo Bay and …. Planting trees on the riverbank. Simple stuff like that. Not rocket science.

Full write-up with Bruce, including Q&A coming tonight.

18 March 2019 5pm

A smoking ceremony at the fire pit at The National Centre for Indigenous Excellence. More than 80 attendees joined for a Welcoming ceremony and a roll call of visitors from across the state, experiencing traditional songs over 5,000 years old an an intimate ceremony with Indigenous didgeridoo and violinist.


19 March 2019 9:40am

Day Two of the Landcare Coordinator State Gathering at The National Centre of Indigenous Excellence. Dr. Adrian Zammit giving a seminar on the structure and future of Landcare NSW.


19 March 2019 1:00pm

A lunch of trade displays, including our friends over at Habitat Network! Making connections with OzFish, Orange DPI and Pest Management, and Ceneta (Community Underwriting; insurers of Landcare NSW and GSLN).


19 March 2019 2pm

Revisiting Day 2, and the breakout Art of Hosting conversations sessions. Exploring youth engagement ideas and challenges as part of our coordinator Clare’s volunteer youth role at Landcare NSW.

Clare is keen to hear what youth engagement looks like in your area. Email here here ➡️


20 March 2019 10am

Exploring what the next Local Landcare Coordinator program will look like. An informative and exciting session planning the next four years (and how GSLN will support you!)

Note that the coordinator funding depends on the commitments of (a). who wins the election on Saturday and (b). the funding commitment.

NSW Labor has committed the full amount – $32.5m, whereas NSW Liberal Party has committed $22.6m.


Landcare NSW
Greater Sydney Local Land Services

20 March 2019 5pm

Thanks for following our live updating of the #LLCI_StateGathering_2019. Kudos to Landcare NSW and Local Land Services NSW for hosting a fantastic event at the The National Centre of Indigenous Excellence. We’re excited for the future Landcare coordinator program, and the potential for Landcaring in both #GreaterSydney and across NSW!

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