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Local Landcare Coordinators

Purpose and Objectives of a Local Landcare Coordinator

The core role of the Local Coordinator is that of a coordinator and enabler of Community Landcare and Landcare organisations.

The Local Coordinator is charged with empowering Landcare to achieve their own goals in alignment with those of the Program. The Local Coordinator will assist their Landcare networks and groups to directly interact with Landcare and agencies at the local district and network scale. They will focus on supporting Landcare organisations to enable participation in Landcare by individuals and sub-groups. Their outcomes will be measured directly against key accountabilities.

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Local Coordinators work with their specific host organisations and the other Landcare groups / organisations across their regions to increase the capacity of these groups to deliver against the outcomes of the Program.

Local Coordinators collaborate with a range of Landcare support mechanisms including other Local Coordinators, Regional Coordinators, Landcare Committees and Local Land Services. The Local Coordinator is not a Project Officer, solely responsible for the delivery of other grant funded projects. However, should be a resource for Landcare to effectively partner, attract project funding and to empower successful delivery.

Greater Sydney Landcare (GSL) has two part-time Local Landcare Coordinators listed below, who have been employed since March 2022. In the Greater Sydney region, there are a total of seven Local Landcare Coordinators.

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