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March election update: breaking down the funding commitments to support our Landcare communtiy

By 04/03/2019March 15th, 2019No Comments

The NSW Government (Liberal-National Coalition) and Opposition (Labor) have now announced their funding commitments to support Landcare in NSW for another four years.

This means that our coordinators, Elisha and Clare – two of the sixty coordinators across NSW – can continue to do their vital role of engaging with the ‘Caring’ community across Greater Sydney, filling the gaps and continuing to support grassroots environmental work of all volunteers for another four years.

However, each party has committed different amounts to the continuation of the LLCI program. Labor, if they win the NSW March election, will commit $32.5m over four years. The Liberal-National Coalition, if they win and return to government, will commit $22.4m over four years. You can read the full media releases from each party via Landcare NSW here. To help the Greater Sydney community understand what this means, we’ve put together a short summary below.

Remember: Landcare NSW and GSLN is bipartisan – we don’t, and never will endorse a particular political party. We represent, advocate for and support ‘Caring’ volunteers across our region (and state).

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