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Sustainability Centres across Sydney provide residents with the opportunity to learn about sustainable living & the environment.

Barrett House – A sustainability demonstration house and a fantastic community resource for Eastern Suburbs residents. Bequeathed to Randwick Council for community use in the late 1990s, it was retrofitted in 2008 through a partnership of Randwick, Woollahra and Waverley Councils with funding from a NSW Environment Trust grant.

Coastal Environment Centre (CEC) – The Coastal Environment Centre (CEC) is a multi-award winning regional community environmental learning centre, and Pittwater Council’s environmental flagship.

Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability – Once a former industrial site, the coal loader centre for sustainability has been transformed, becoming a community hub showcasing innovation and hand-on education of sustainability. The centre provides a range of sustainability and environmental workshops hosted by North Sydney Council.

Green Living Centre – The Green Living Centre is a sustainability resource centre in the heart of Newtown. It’s the result of a partnership between City of Sydney and Inner West councils, and has been helping the Newtown community reduce its environmental impact for the last ten years.

Hawkesbury Earthcare Centre – Located on the Western Sydney University Campus in Richmond, the Hawkesbury EarthCare Centre serves as a focus and gathering place for people learning and working together for responsible stewardship of the Earth.

Kimbriki Eco House & Garden – Kimbriki Eco House and Garden is located on-site at Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre in Terry Hills. The site is a unique education centre dedicated to exploring how to live in a more sustainable way – a place for you to experience, learn and be inspired.

Macarthur Centre for Sustainable Living – MCSL provide an attractive community place where visitors can see sustainability in action, have access to experts & plenty of opportunities to develop their own knowledge, interests and understanding. Located in Mt. Annan.

Manly Environment Centre – The Manly Environment Centre (MEC) shopfront started in 1991 as a unique combination of community, Council and local corporate sponsors. It was the first Australian suburban environment centre and is well established as a pro-active organisation dedicated to the health of our local environment.

Sutherland Shire Environment Centre – Sutherland Shire Environment Centre is an independent community organisation supporting the Sutherland Shire community to protect our local environment and conducting a number of environmental education initiatives throughout the year.

The Hills Shire Community Environment Centre at Annangrove – The environment centre with its sustainable home and waterwise garden demonstration facilities provides an engaging learning environment for visitors and volunteers. On Currie Ave, off Annangrove Rd, in the suburb of Annangrove. The centre can be found at the rear of Annangrove Park in the car park.

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