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Meet the Greater Sydney Landcare team

As a team, we are committed to our five pillars: flora, fauna, water, soil, and restoration. By focusing on these areas, we aim to make a positive impact on the local ecosystem and contribute to the sustainability of our community.

Matt Keighery

GSL Business & Systems Manager

Matt has been a bushcare volunteer for over 20 years leading a group in Willoughby and supervising another. During that time he has added a degree in Science (Plant Ecology), a Diploma in Conservation and Land Management to his cherished Bush Regeneration Certificate. He has worked for professional Bush regenerators and been on committees with Land Managers, Landscape Architects and others, improving the practical management of our Reserves and Parks for flora, fauna and people.

Regional and Local Landcare Coordinators

Regional and Local Landcare Coordinators play a vital role in enabling and coordinating community Landcare groups and other environmental organisations. They empower Landcare groups to achieve their goals in alignment with program objectives and they support participation in Landcare by individuals and sub-groups.

Greater Sydney Landcare currently employs Regional and Local Landcare Coordinators with funding from the NSW Landcare Enabling Program – a collaboration of Local Land Services and Landcare NSW supported by the NSW Government.

Amanda Kotlash

Regional Landcare Coordinator

Amanda is an experienced environmental scientist who holds a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Master of Natural Resources. She has worked on terrestrial and aquatic weed management, environmental flows, aquatic and riparian ecology, water quality assessment, and platypus conservation. She has also worked as a Knowledge Broker, Executive Officer and has a good understanding of the workings of local government.

Her interests include singing, sewing, organic gardening and food production, house renovating, reading, watching live theatre, cooking, recycling, and waste minimisation.

Vanessa Gimellaro

Local Landcare Coordinator - Macarthur

Hello, I’m Vanessa, The Macarthur Local Landcare Coordinator. I will be working in the Campbelltown, Camden, and Wollondilly Local Government areas in South West Sydney.

After getting my degree in Natural Resources Management at Southern Cross University, I went into NSW Fisheries. I was the Observer in the Shark Meshing Program – the nets at Sydney’s beaches. I ensured the nets were checked correctly, and any catch was recorded and disposed of correctly. I went on to become an Interpretive Ranger with Ku-Ring-Gai Council and found my calling with Environmental Education. I realised the only way to make real change in people’s behaviour was through education. So I started my own business, Rangers on the Run. We ran environmental education workshops and presentations in schools and at community events. COVID presented an opportunity for me to acquire some new skills, so I gained a drone license and a Degree in Film. Now I am excited to put my skills to use and contribute to promoting Landcare and its programs. I look forward to working with local communities, businesses, and government of all levels, to make a real impact in the Macarthur area.

Sophie Blair

Local Landcare Coordinator - Young Adult
Sophie is a dedicated environmentalist with 3 years of experience working in the environment as a Bush Regenerator and Bushcare Supervisor. Sophie has specialised in regenerating the threatened ecological communities of the Cumberland Plain, and in engaging and educating volunteers on environmental matters through bush regenerative practices. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Environmental Science and Management. This has helped her gain vast knowledge in the areas of Australian plant and wildlife ecology and conservation of vulnerable species and ecosystems.
Sophie’s passion is to engage and raise awareness within communities on pressing environmental issues and support them in helping make positive change through eco-friendly and sustainable solutions.

Sabina Roe

Local Landcare Coordinator - Regional Support

Sabina studied a Bachelor of Natural Science with Western Sydney University with a focus on conservation biology. Sabina went on to spend five years working in bush regeneration across Western Sydney, being able to learn and appreciate the complex and diverse vegetation communities of the Sydney Basin.  She supervised large scale plantings, creekline restoration, habitat reconstruction and Local Bushcare groups within the City of Parramatta Local Government Area.

Growing up with grandparents in the farming industry, Sabina recognises the importance of community engagement and collaboration. Local communities have an integral role in providing knowledge of their micro-ecosystems and needs. Sabina looks forward to helping these communities through the provision of resources and support.

Creating Canopies Team

The Creating Canopies Project is planting 200,000 trees over the next three years to increase our city’s tree canopy and green cover. Planting these trees will help mitigate urban heat, provide habitat for wildlife, and reduce carbon emissions.

Danielle Packer

Project Manager

Danielle Packer has had 3 years of project management experience undertaking numerous Landcare and other environmental projects with Greater Sydney Landcare, and Cattai Hills Environment Network. She has also worked for Ecohort, a bush regeneration company, and completed a bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security.

Being enthusiastic about making environmental education a priority for the community and connecting them to nature through conservation works and other citizen science activities, she believes we can create a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Bryce Doyle

Natural Resources Manager

Bryce has 15 years’ experience working throughout the broader horticultural industry as a Bush Regenerator, Bushcare Supervisor, Landscape Designer and managing a Landscaping business. He also has completed a Certificate 3 in Conservation and Land Management, Diploma in Landscape Design and is currently studying a Diploma in Conservation and Ecosystem Management. Bryce’s extensive experience has seen him work in many of Sydney’s unique landscapes and hopes to use his expertise to help educate local communities to regenerate Sydney’s amazing and diverse natural ecosystems.

Aimee Hancock

Bush Regenerator Supervisor



Rhiannon Beaton

Bush Regenerator



Alicia Harb-Akins

Project Officer

Alicia is a passionate and community-focussed professional, holding a Bachelor’s in Animal Science (Conservation Biology). She is dedicated to fostering community engagement, environmental education, and achieving environmental restoration outcomes across the Sydney Basin.

With a diverse background spanning the Environmental and community sectors, Alicia has held roles within government, private, and charity organisations, including Field Officer, Project Coordinator, Quality Assurance Specialist, Researcher, Student Support Worker, and Store Manager.

Moreover, since 2019 Alicia has served as a board member of an NGO focused on disrupting childhood poverty through inclusion and opportunity. Committed to excellence and expertise in research science, community engagement, and business management, Alicia excels in leveraging her interpersonal skills and management experience to drive measurable conservation outcomes.

With a deep passion for community engagement, environmental education, and environmental sustainability, Alicia endeavours to foster impactful collaborations with community, government, educators, and corporations, for a cooler future not only for Sydney’s fauna and flora but for all its residents.

Melanie Wagner

Communications and Engagement Officer

Melanie is an experienced Communications and Marketing professional with a demonstrated history of working in the Australian environmental not-for-profit sector. She is skilled in copywriting, digital content creation, campaign management, and fundraising.

Melanie has over eight years of professional and volunteer experience in her field. She holds an MBA majoring in Community and Not-for-Profit Management. Her passion for nature and the environment is the driving force behind all her work.

Streamwatch Team

Streamwatch is a citizen science water monitoring program that enables community groups to monitor the quality and health of local waterways.

Jessica Lumbroso

Streamwatch Coordinator

Mark Secombe

Streamwatch Coordinator

Mark has two decades of experience in horticulture and environmental education. Mark has developed and delivered syllabus-based environmental education programs for K-12 students, for subjects where water quality monitoring is a focus, including Science, Biology, and Geography.

Mark has also provided environmental education to volunteers from a range of diverse backgrounds and sectors. Mark previously held roles as Visitor Programs Coordinator – Education at Centennial Parklands, and as Environmental Education Coordinator at Sydney Olympic Park.

Southwest Sydney Koala Project, Cumberland Plain Restoration Project and Private Land Conservation Team

All three projects are crucial to improving habitat and land conservation across the Greater Sydney region.

Xuela Sledge

Koala Officer I Cumberland Plain Restoration Program Manager I Private Land Conservation Officer
Xuela has over twenty years experience in conservation that has mostly involved working with the community. She has been with Greater Sydney Landcare since March 2016 (but who’s counting…) and currently works on a number of projects for GSL:
1. Cumberland Plain Restoration Program (SOS funding)
2. Southwest Sydney Koala Project (NSW Koala Strategy)
3. Private Land Conservation – Macarthur area
You can read more about Xuela here:

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