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Questioning our politicians this NSW Election

By 14/03/2019March 17th, 2019No Comments

As the representative, partisan network for environmental volunteering in Sydney, its our job to represent the interests of our members. You. Over the last few months, we’ve invited questions, feedback and responses to put towards our politicians from all sides of the political spectrum. We’re now emailing them, and researching their green policies. We’ll be sharing the results by Thursday next week on social media, and here on Facebook to help you make an informed decision this election.

We invited you to comment on, and provide questions to politicians on the issues that matter.

You can now find our finalised questions here, and the invite here. Follow us on Facebook, and keep an eye out in your email inbox for the political responses.

Disclaimer: GSLN does not – and never will – align or support a political party or movement. We’re here to represent our members interests, not politicians. We’re proudly a partisan organisation in the fortunate position where we can take an active role in advocacy and representation. We’ll lay out the facts in an easily digestible way, so you can make an informed and reasoned vote. 

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