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Register Your Site for Trees

Looking for ways to beautify your property and help the environment at the same time? Consider planting trees as part of the Creating Canopies project.

By doing so, you’ll not only enhance the beauty of your property, but you’ll also help mitigate urban heat, provide habitat for wildlife, create healthier communities, and reduce carbon emissions.

Greater Sydney Landcare is partnering with both private landowners and public landowners to plant trees.

Some public landowners we’ve partnered with include Councils, Hospitals and Universities.

Some private landowners we’ve partnered with include individuals, Land for Wildlife property owners, golf courses, equestrian clubs, and even an RSPCA shelter.

What will you get for signing up?

  • Expert advice on suitable plant species, heights and planting locations
  • Local native tubestock tree species and all planting materials
  • Site prep for the plantings (pre-digging holes and laying down mulch)
  • Coordination of planting day and extra hands (volunteers or contractors) to help get the plants in the ground
  • Ongoing support from initial assessment to maintenance advice

And the best bit? This is all provided FREE of charge!

Expression of Interest

Below is an Expression of Interest form for landholders to register their site for free trees and Landcare support.

To be eligible to participate you must:

  1. Have land in one of the Sydney LGA’s with less than 30% canopy cover – see list here
  2. Have space for a minimum of 100 new trees on your land
  3. Assist with appropriate maintenance activities to improve survival of the trees
  4. Provide safe access to Landcare for up to 12 months to monitor and help with tree survival

If this sounds like something you can offer fill in the form below or email:

Sign up to Register your Site for Trees:

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Leave a Lasting Legacy

Private Landowner Info Pack

We have made a handy Info Pack for you to read over and hopefully answer most of your questions. It covers Private Landowners partnerships for our tree planting project Creating Canopies.

Public Landowner Info Pack

Public landowners like Councils, Hospitals and Universities can partner with Greater Sydney Landcare’s tree planting project Creating Canopies. Have a read of this handy Info Pack which will hopefully answer most of your questions.

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