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Restoring our bushland and native habitat benefits not just the flora and fauna but also our communities. By greening our suburbs we improve our air, soil and water quality as well as reducing the impacts of urban heat and climate change.

Pillar Significance

Greater Sydney Landcare (GSL) works with individuals, groups, and organizations to restore bushland in the Greater Sydney region through a variety of programs and initiatives. Some of the ways that GSL helps to restore bushland include:

  1. Provide education and training: GSL offers training workshops, seminars, and other educational events to help landholders and volunteers learn about bush regeneration and restoration techniques. This includes training in weed removal, tree planting, and other essential skills.
  2. Work with volunteers: We engage volunteers to help with bush regeneration projects, providing them with the necessary tools and equipment to undertake works.
  3. Collaborate with local councils: We work closely with local councils to identify priority areas for bushland restoration and develop collaborative projects.
  4. Secure funding: We apply for funding and grants to support bush regeneration projects, including the purchase of native plants and materials, and the hiring of contractors to undertake works.
  5. Monitor and evaluate our projects: We track the progress of our restoration projects to evaluate their success, and to identify any areas that require further attention.

By implementing these strategies, GSL is able to improve the condition of bushland and restore degraded areas, leading to increased biodiversity and healthier ecosystems.

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