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GSL has received funding from the NSW Government to help deliver the NSW Koala Strategy across the Campbelltown and Appin/Wilton areas.


This project includes conservation efforts such as encouraging connectivity with corridor plantings that include preferred koala food trees on private and public property. Extension plantings will also be encouraged in this program, to widen existing corridors for the safe passage of Koalas, with the inclusion of larger koala hubs within such corridors, for optimal mating opportunities.

All koala plantings will be carried out to optimal nutritional standards, with a diversity of species and genetics in mind, through seed collection from local areas known to house healthy koala populations. Numerous other conservation actions will be carried out in this partnership program for the next 3.5 years, including road kill mitigation, wildlife carer support, community engagement and awareness raising and education.

Campbelltown Koala Research and Database

Koala records and movements in the Campbelltown region over 27 years.

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