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Upcoming AGM & Special Event Reminder!

By 17/09/2018October 11th, 2018No Comments

A reminder to our readers and members that next weekend (Sunday,  September 23 10am-3pm) GSLN will be hosting our annual AGM. This will be followed by our special event – a ‘walk and talk’ of Powells Creek and the Old Brick Pit, at Sydney Olympic Park.

Our AGM will include committee nominations, as well as a discussion forum of the recent changes to the Crown Lands Management Act. All current financial members are eligible to vote for, and nominate for committee roles, as well as provide feedback and suggestions to the GSLN committee.

Powells Creek is part of the Parramatta River catchment and an inspiring showcase of urban naturalization and habitat restoration to support a diverse range of fish, bird and vegetative species. The Old Brick Pit is an excellent example of how disused urban and industrial spaces can be reclaimed to support threatened species and habitat, whilst providing outdoor recreation facilities that offer minimal disturbance to adjacent wetlands and species such as the green and gold bell frog. We are fortunate to have Alex McKenzie of Strathfield City Council give an inspiring ‘walk and talk’ tour of these wonderful urban habitats this year.


Green and gold bell frog. This threatened species now calls the Old Brick Pit at Sydney Olympic Park home.

The events is fully catered, family-friendly and free! We are also giving away 10 tickets to attend the Our Living River field tour of restored Parramatta River, as part of the 2018 International River Symposium.

You can register attendance on Eventbrite, follow the event on Facebook and download a flyer. A copy of the AGM agenda and detailed programme of the days events is also available.

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