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As Sydney continues to feel the impacts of urban heat, urban sprawl and climate change, our access to clean water has never been more important. A healthy ecosystem provides clean water.

Pillar Significance

Greater Sydney Landcare plays a crucial role in improving Sydney’s water system through various projects and initiatives. Here are some ways how:

  1. Streamwatch Program: Greater Sydney Landcare runs the Streamwatch program, which is a water quality monitoring program aimed at improving the health of rivers and creeks in the Sydney region. Volunteers collect and analyse water samples, which helps to identify any pollution issues and inform management strategies.
  2. Riparian Restoration: Greater Sydney Landcare works with landholders to restore riparian zones along waterways. Riparian zones are the areas along the banks of rivers and creeks, and they play a vital role in filtering pollutants and stabilizing stream banks. Restoring these areas helps to improve water quality and habitat for aquatic animals.
  3. Wetland Restoration: Greater Sydney Landcare also works on the restoration of wetlands in the region. Wetlands are important as they filter and purify water, provide habitat for a range of wildlife, and help to prevent flooding. Restoring and protecting wetlands helps to maintain the health of the water system.
  4. Stormwater Management: Greater Sydney Landcare promotes sustainable stormwater management practices, which aim to capture and treat stormwater before it enters waterways. This includes initiatives such as rain gardens, swales, and infiltration systems. By reducing the amount of pollution and sediment that enters waterways, stormwater management helps to improve water quality and the health of aquatic habitats.

Overall, Greater Sydney Landcare plays a vital role in protecting and improving the health of Sydney’s water system, which benefits both the environment and the community.

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