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Looking after the animals in Greater Sydney contributes to the overall biodiversity of the region and health of our ecosystems.

Pillar Significance

Greater Sydney Landcare helps fauna by implementing various projects and activities to restore and enhance habitats for wildlife in the Greater Sydney region. Here are some ways in which they help fauna:

  1. Habitat restoration: They undertake habitat restoration projects that aim to increase biodiversity and create habitat for native animals. This includes planting native vegetation, restoring riparian areas, and installing nest boxes.
  2. Pest and weed control: They run programs to control invasive weeds and pests that can have a significant impact on native wildlife. This helps to prevent habitat degradation and loss, as well as to reduce competition and predation on native animals.
  3. Education and awareness: Greater Sydney Landcare runs educational programs and events to raise awareness about the importance of native fauna and the threats they face. This helps to promote greater community involvement in conservation efforts.
  4. Citizen science: They encourage citizen science participation by providing training and resources to individuals and groups interested in monitoring and recording wildlife sightings. This helps to improve our understanding of the distribution and abundance of native animals in the region.

By undertaking these initiatives, Greater Sydney Landcare is helping to protect and enhance the natural environment in the region, which in turn benefits a wide range of native fauna species.

The greater Sydney region is home to a wide variety of animals, from iconic species like the Eastern grey kangaroo and the koala to lesser-known species like the Long-nosed bandicoot and the Powerful owl. Each of these species plays an important role in the ecosystem, and the more diverse the ecosystem is, the healthier it tends to be.

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