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Soil is the foundation of our food systems, supporting the growth of crops and other vegetation, and is essential to maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem health.

Pillar Significance

Greater Sydney Landcare plays a critical role in improving and maintaining the health of the soil in the region.

Here are some ways that GSL is looking after Sydney’s soil:

1. Supporting landholders, individuals, and groups to use sustainable land management practices that reduce soil erosion, improve soil structure, and increase soil organic matter.

2. Implementation of projects and initiatives that focus on regenerative agriculture, such as promoting the use of cover crops, composting, and reducing tillage practices. These practices can improve soil fertility, increase water-holding capacity, and enhance the soil’s ability to sequester carbon, leading to healthier and more productive agricultural land.

3. Greater Sydney Landcare assists with the management of soil contamination and soil health issues in urban areas, promoting the use of soil testing, remediation, and rehabilitation techniques that can help restore degraded soils.

4. By promoting and facilitating sustainable land management practices, and providing resources and support for farmers, gardeners, and landholders, Greater Sydney Landcare is working to improve soil health and ensure the long-term sustainability of our natural resources in the region.

Soil Health Series – Educational Videos

A series of videos was created to help landholders assess their soil health. On the video below you can click the icon which shows three lines and reads 1/15 underneath to show the full playlist of soil health videos.

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