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OceanWatch Australia is a national not-for-profit environmental company that works to advance sustainability in the Australian seafood industry.

OceanWatch’s key activities involve:

  • enhancing fish habitats and improving water quality in estuaries and coastal environments
  • working with industry and local communities to minimise environmental impacts
  • introducing industry and communities to sustainable technologies and behaviours

Since its establishment in 1989, OceanWatch Australia has managed and administered a broad range of successful projects to improve environmental practices, protect threatened marine species, reduce by catch, introduce sustainable technologies, change behaviours and restore important marine habitats.

To achieve these positive outcomes, OceanWatch Australia works in partnership with the Australian seafood industry, federal and state governments, natural resource managers, private enterprise and local communities.

OceanWatch runs a range of initiatives aimed and engaging local communities and the seafood industry. You can read more about their initiatives to restore Sydney’s oyster reefs HERE.

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