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About Us

Greater Sydney Landcare (GSL) is a membership-based community organisation that aims to support individuals, groups and organisations who are working to protect, restore and improve the natural environment of Greater Sydney.

We work with and welcome members to build a large network of like-minded people with a focus on natural resource management and sustainable agriculture.
Greater Sydney Landcare is a charity registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission.

Our Aims


We want to promote to the wider community the values of Landcare and Bushcare.

We want to increase understanding, recognition and support of the work of private landholders, volunteers, professional bush regenerators and related organisations in Greater Sydney.

We promote GSL member news and events.

We promote our own news and events.

Information Sharing

We share natural resource management and sustainable agriculture news, information and resources with members and the wider community through the GSL website, social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) and e-newsletters.


Greater Sydney Landcare aims to be the regional umbrella organisation for Landcare, Bushcare and other ‘care’ groups and individuals in Greater Sydney.

This means we can be a regional VOICE, representing our members’ interests at the State and National levels. We do this by hearing your concerns, via regular member consultations or you contact us (details below) about an issue you have. Once we collect your issues or concerns, we can send it up through the Landcare Network to a State Landcare Council where a regional representative can voice your concerns, and our state level representatives can pass it on to additional state-level decision makers or politicians.

Additionally, there are annual events where Landcare representatives can mingle with politicians with the Parliamentary Friends of Landcare Group. If you would like to attend one of these events, please register your interest.


We aim to develop partnerships with members and other individuals, groups or organisations so that we can support each other in environmental protection, restoration and enhancement. We can do this by joining forces in applying for grants, improving our chances of gaining the funding required to undertake regionally significant environmental projects.


We provide networking opportunities for members through meetings, events and other activities. Events we organise include on-ground restoration works, network meetings, science seminars, training sessions and workshops.

We like to provide a bridge between professional and non-professional organisations working for environmental outcomes and, between anyone else (individual, group or organisation) who would benefit from being in contact with the same – assuming goals and objectives are the same.

Assistance & Support

We support members’ Landcare and Bushcare activities and events through sponsorship.

We will receive and assist with management of project funds on behalf of member groups. We can do that as we are incorporated and are not subject to end of financial year obligations to spend money i.e. we can roll over funds from one financial year to the next, assuming the grant timeframe allows for this.

We can help you source a suitable grant, and even provide assistance in applying for it.

We may even have a funded project that can help you with your project requirements. For example, our Creating Canopies project has FREE trees available to many parts of Greater Sydney (minimum 100).

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is in our team?

We are a team of:

  • 2 x part-time Local Landcare Coordinators
  • 1 x Project Manager
  • 1 x Project Coordinator
  • 1 x Volunteer Engagement Officer (Creating Canopies Project)
  • 1 x casual Project Officer (Streamwatch Program)
  • 1 x Koala Officer (Southwest Sydney Koala Project / Cumberland Plain Restoration Program).

We are governed and guided by a Steering Committee made up of passionate volunteers who contribute through experience, skills and local knowledge. We are always looking for more Committee members, so if you would like to get involved, please email:

We are employed through grants and partnerships and, would welcome your contribution to the Network by becoming a paid member (find out more here).

Who are our members?

Our members are individuals, groups and organisations engaged in protecting and caring for the natural environment of our region, including volunteers and professionals.

Why become a paid member?

Incentives to becoming a paid member:

  1. Grant administration
  2. Training – FREE or subsidised
  3. FREE attendance at GSL Science Seminars or similar
  4. Access to regular (at least monthly) on-ground environmental events across Greater Sydney
  5. e-Newsletters
  6. Large scale/ collaborative environmental project participation
  7. Promotion of member news and events
  8. Advice for individuals, groups and organisations regarding:
    1. grant availability
    2. connecting you to the right volunteer group
    3. restoring your land
    4. helping with your environmental concerns or issues
    5. assisting in accessing equipment and materials for on-ground works

Where does our region cover?

Our region includes metropolitan Sydney, greater western Sydney, the Central Coast, Blue Mountains and south, to Wingecarribee.

What are some of our major projects?

The Creating Canopies Project is a partnership with Landcare NSW, and funded by Department of Planning, Industry and Environment. It is part of a State election promise, aimed at ‘cooling’ parts of western Sydney with low canopy cover. The Creating Canopies Project facilitates the planting of 100,000 trees over 2.5 years (until the end of 2022). If you are interested in learning more about the Creating Canopies Project (like receiving FREE trees for your property or Landcare / Bushcare group), please contact:

The Streamwatch Program has been operational since 1990. It used to be housed with the Australian Museum and is now coordinated by Greater Sydney Landcare. To find out more about Streamwatch across Greater Sydney, please contact our Streamwatch Project Officer, Jess:

The Cumberland Plain Restoration Program (CPRP) is a Saving our Species project that aims to restore eight sites across western Sydney on National Parks and Council reserves and one private property. The CPRP’s main method of restoration is ecological and cultural burning activities. This project is a seven-year project and will continue until 2025. If you would like to learn more about the CPRP, contact Xuela:

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Inclusion and Diversity

Greater Sydney Landcare is committed to providing equal opportunities to all members, supporters and staff regardless of their backgrounds or identities. This includes promoting diversity in its membership, leadership, and volunteer base. Greater Sydney Landcare recognises the importance of engaging and involving individuals from different cultural, social, and economic backgrounds to achieve its mission effectively.

Greater Sydney Landcare values and respects the knowledge, history, and culture of the Aboriginal people and recognises them as the original and ongoing custodians of the land that we work on.

To honour their contribution and connection to the land, GSL is committed to building partnerships and working closely with local Aboriginal representatives. This includes inviting First Nations People to perform a welcome to country at significant events, engaging Aboriginal contractors for on-ground work, partnering with Aboriginal businesses wherever possible, and ensuring that all our events begin with an Acknowledgment of Country and an explanation of the local Aboriginal history wherever possible.


Partnerships with government agencies, community groups, educators, and corporations allow us to do so much. From accessing funding, learning from other’s expertise, to passionate volunteers, so much of what we do would not be possible with out partnerships.

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