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Greater Sydney Landcare is a membership-based community organisation that aims to support individuals, groups and organisations who are working to protect, restore and improve the natural environment of Greater Sydney.

We work with and welcome members to build a large network of like-minded people with a focus on natural resource management and sustainable agriculture.

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Find out how you can get your hands dirty through our volunteer events


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Sign up your business or department to help support us through corporate planting days

Benefits of Becoming a Member

There are many benefits to becoming a member of Greater Sydney Landcare, including:

Grant Administration

As a member, you will have access to information and support in applying for grants to fund your environmental projects.


We offer free or subsidised training to our members to help them develop the skills they need to protect, restore, and improve the natural environment.

Free Attendance at GSL Seminars or Similar

Members can attend our seminars and other events free of charge, providing opportunities to learn and network with like-minded individuals.

Access to Regular On-ground Environmental Events Across Greater Sydney

Our members have access to a range of environmental events, including on-ground restoration works, network meetings, science seminars, training sessions, and workshops.

Monthly eNewsletters

Stay up-to-date with the latest news, events, and opportunities through our monthly e-newsletters.

Large Scale/Collaborative Environmental Project Participation

Our members have the opportunity to participate in large-scale, collaborative environmental projects that make a real difference to the natural environment.

Promotion of Member News and Events

We promote our members’ news and events, helping to raise their profile and attract support.

Advisory for Individuals, Groups and Organisations Regarding:

  • Grant Availability
  • Connecting you to the right volunteer group
  • Restoring your land
  • Supporting your environmental concerns or issues
  • Assisting in accessing equipment and materials for on-ground works

By becoming a member of Greater Sydney Landcare, you will be joining a community of passionate and committed individuals, groups, and organisations who are working together to protect, restore, and improve the natural environment of Greater Sydney.

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