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The aim of the Bush Trackers project is to show kids and their families how easy and fun it is to spend time in nature.

Bush Trackers Guides create an opportunity for children and their families to seek and build an evolving relationship with nature simply by spending time in it and experiencing it on their own terms, through their own eyes.

This is the beginning of something BIG, a relationship with nature which children can develop and nurture throughout their lives and can share with their family, friends and future generations. For more information, visit the Bush Trackers website.

Blue Gum Swamp track

Charles Darwin

Duck Hole Track

Fairy Dell

Grand Canyon Blackheath track

Gully Walk

Horseshoe Falls

Jenolan Caves

Leura Cascades

Mt York and Coxs Road Track

Prince Henry Cliff Walk

Waterfall loop track Sth Lawson

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