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By Clare Vernon, on November 21st, 2019.

Source: Australian Wildlife Conservancy, 2019.

We’ve joined leaders in the ecology, conservation and NRM space in calling for a state-wide ban in yabby traps.

Led by the Australian Wildlife Society, the initiative has already banned the yabby traps in Victoria. These traps typically capture yabbies – lobster-like freshwater creatures commonly fished throughout freshwater and brackish creeks around NSW.

Platypus, turtles and rakali (native, otter-like mammals) are often unintended by-catch, caught in yabby traps traps without an escape route. These air-breathing mammals eventually drown.

Source: Australian Wildlife Conservancy, 2019.

Platypus, rakali and freshwater turtles are all facing increased threats from drought, water extractions, habitat destruction and urban expansion across Sydney, and wider NSW.

The AWS is calling for a change in legislation, a ban on the supply of traps (currently available at retailers such as Kmart, and Big W), reduce the use of traps in-field before a state-wide ban, and increase the enforcement on the removal of traps from current fishing practices.

You can find out more about the initiative, and the Australian Wildlife Conservancy here.

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