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Decades of Healing: Wasteland to Wetland – new book available

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Decades of Healing: Wasteland to Wetland
Alan Lane

The inspiring story of how a community group created a wetland from an environmental wasteland.

PopesGlenCoverThis photo-history tells the inspiring story of how a group of volunteers converted an extensive willow-infested wasteland into a thriving Blue Mountains wetland filled with native Australian vegetation, frogs and birds.

This project could be used as a case study for other volunteer-based groups to follow.

It details the step-by-step process over fourteen years of how the group: tackled a project that seemed beyond their capabilities, used “learning by doing” as their guiding principle and monitored and documented their work scientifically.

It shows that it is possible for a group of committed volunteers to achieve landscape-scale transformation of degraded lands, given critical mass, longevity, support from their local government and the ability to obtain grant funding to employ specialist contractors when required.

106 pages; 89 photos; contents page; bibliography.

Greater Sydney Landcare Network Inc have published the book and it is available here in the following formats.


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Download a digital reader for ePub format from Adobe


Or listen to an interview with author Alan Lane here


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