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On Saturday 2nd September 2023, 11 volunteers arrived bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for a morning of tree planting with the Creating Canopies team. The location was a Land for Wildlife property in North Richmond in the Hawkesbury LGA. Together this amazing group planted 1,500 trees and shrubs to create habitat for wildlife and canopy cover to cool the area in the future.

About the Property Owner

The property owner, Georgie Campbell, was thrilled to have the help.

Georgie said, “I absolutely love Australia’s unique flora and fauna and our native animals in particular.”

“I have been a wildlife carer for 22 years now rehabilitating sick injured and orphaned wildlife and in particular I have seen so many perish or come into care as a result of displacement and habitat loss.”

In 2021 Georgie was honoured with an Australia Day Award for Outstanding Community Service by the Northern Beaches Council, so habitat creation is a cause close to her heart.

“So many properties around the area are cleared and don’t have the native trees and shrubs our wildlife needs.”

“I am grateful for this opportunity creating canopies and wildlife habitat in North Richmond,” Georgie said.

What Did The Volunteers Think?

The feedback from volunteers at the event was overwhelmingly positive. Here’s what they had to say:

  • “Lovely day and I also learned about different trees and grasses.”
  • “Very pleased to be involved. Great satisfaction that the community & Landcare can work together to create more green for all concerned.”
  • “Meeting like-minded people” [was my favourite part of the event].
  • Thank you to all the volunteers that came to plant trees and made this a fantastic day for Creating Canopies!

Thank you all!

Thank you, Georgie, for volunteering your property for tree planting.

We couldn’t have done it without the fantastic volunteers who attended, including Councillors Mary Lyons-Buckett and Danielle Wheeler from Hawkesbury City Council. Thank you all.

Thank you also to the schools, church groups, Council and Bushcare staff, Councillors, news outlets, and Hawkesbury Visitor Information Centre for sharing this event to get the word out to volunteers to come and join the tree planting fun.

Come Tree Planting With Creating Canopies

We have more tree planting events planned and we hope you’ll join us in making Sydney a better place to live, work, and play. Check out our Eventbrite page for upcoming planting days.

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About Creating Canopies

Landcare NSW and Greater Sydney Landcare are planting 200,000 trees as part of the Greening our City program to help reduce urban heat in Greater Sydney. Proudly funded by the NSW Government.

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