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The Creating Canopies team were thrilled to host a Corporate Volunteering day for AI specialists Daisee on Tuesday 5th September 2023. Their task was to install hundreds of trees and shrubs to create habitat and cooling canopy for the future.

Corporate volunteers from Daisee planting with Creating Canopies at Voyager Point Wetland Reserve.

This sunny spring morning saw 18 Daisee employees from Sydney and Melbourne swap screens and AI for mattocks and old fashioned elbow grease at the ecologically unique Voyager Point Wetland Reserve in Liverpool.

After a bushwalk through the endangered Castlereagh Ironbark Forest, Daisee employees had the opportunity to restore a patch of reserve that been degraded by destructive activities like bike use, bonfires, and other threats such as invasive wild pigs.  

736 new canopy creating trees and shrubs were installed by Daisee and Creating Canopies to help restore this bare patch of the reserve.

The Daisee team took up the day’s challenge like professionals, working together to tackle the dense clay soils typical to the area in record time.

Morning tea and lunch were taken in the sheltering shade of nearby trees, as the spring day quickly turned warm.

Thank you Daisee employees who travelled from far and wide to help regenerate Voyager Point Wetland Reserve.

The barren-looking landscape of unique red soil was quickly transformed thanks to Daisee’s hard work, as this bare patch of the reserve became home for 736 canopy providing species.

Thank you to the Daisee employees who spent their day working with Creating Canopies to not only plant trees but restore a vital part of this rare and endangered ecological community.

The Creating Canopies team watering in the new plants installed by Daisee at Voyager Point Wetland Reserve.

How You Can Help Look After Habitat

Mature trees throughout the reserve still show the marks of a previous year’s bushfire, showing their resiliency, and serving as a reminder to the importance of maintaining and preserving native species and bushlands.

Habitat loss serves as an important lesson to respect our Natural Areas. When visiting, always follow rules and guidelines as posted, do not disturb plant and animal communities, always keep pets under control, stay on marked trails, and leave no trace.

Corporate Volunteering with Greater Sydney Landcare

Corporate volunteering is a mutually beneficial partnership that supports both Greater Sydney Landcare’s conservation goals and the corporate social responsibility objectives of businesses. Find out more about Corporate Volunteering with Greater Sydney Landcare.

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About Creating Canopies

Landcare NSW and Greater Sydney Landcare are planting 200,000 trees as part of the Greening our City program to help reduce urban heat in Greater Sydney. Proudly funded by the NSW Government.

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