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On Friday 9th February 2024, the NSW Government announced that it had allocated funds for 83 full-time equivalent local and regional Landcare coordinators and support staff, through its $59 million NSW Landcare Enabling Program 2023-2027.

New Funding for Greater Sydney Landcare

Following a competitive grant and assessment process, Greater Sydney Landcare was one of 16 Landcare groups based across NSW to successfully receive funding.

This funding to Greater Sydney Landcare will provide 6.75 FTE – 8 Local Landcare Coordinators across Greater Sydney and a Regional Landcare Coordinator.

What Do Landcare Coordinators Do?

The aim of the regional and local Landcare coordinators is to deliver and support on-ground projects specific to the needs of the local natural environmental and agricultural systems.

In addition to the delivery of on-ground projects, the local and regional coordinators will deliver on a number of other priorities, including:

  • Empowering and strengthening the capacity of tens of thousands of volunteers across thousands of Landcare groups
  • ensuring effective collaboration and partnerships between Landcare groups, Local Land Services, other government agencies and Landcare NSW
  • leveraging funding opportunities to maximise socio-economic and environmental outcomes. 
In 2023, Greater Sydney Landcare and partners held a tree planting and information event to recruit new members for the Platypus Landcare group. Local landholders can be a part of it and undertake conservation works on their own lands to help preserve the area’s platypus population. Photo: Danielle Packer.
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